Accelerated Health Lifestyle and Nutrition Challenge

Accelerated Health Lifestyle and Nutrition Challenge

Challenge Details

1. Starts May 20 - June 30 (6 Week Challenge)
2. 15 Participant Cap
3. Your Lifestyle assessed and modified to allow for Cooking and Health Goals to be achieved.
4. Lifestyle and Nutrition Mini Challenges throughout:

  • Sleep Challenges
  • Recipe Sharing
  • Stress Reduction Activity Focus weeks
  • New Food Challenges

5. Closed FB page with daily posts to maintain engagement.
6. Regular emails to answer YOUR individual questions and keep you on track.
7. Grouped with other participants to boost engagement and SUPPORT from your team
8. Beginning, Middle and After measurements taken to assess progress throughout.
9. Your Personal Goals created and tracked to make meaning out of YOUR challenge!

Daily Goals


Daily Sleep Goal

Slept a Minimum of 7 Hours Ideally 7-9 Hours of Restful Sleep 5 points per night

Nutrition Daily Goal - 100

Met Daily Nutrition Macros and Calorie Goals within 100 Calories / Getting w/in 5g of two macros 10 points

Daily Nutrition Goal - 300

Met Daily Nutrition Goal within 300 calories / Getting w/in 5g of one macro. 5 points per day.

Stress Management Activity

Any Stress Management technique that does not involve screen-time. Yoga, Meditation, Hiking, Playing a Sport, Reading, Doing a Puzzle, Painting, Drawing, Etc. 5 points for each Activity

PR / First Time Movement

15 points for hitting a lifting PR in weight, or achieving a new movement for the first time (ie, double unders, kipping toes to bar, muscle up, handstand push-up, strict pull up, etc)

Attend a New Specialty Class

Attend a Specialty Class for the first time and receive 5 points. Yoga, Barbell, Oly

New Recipe

Post a New Recipe that you cooked on the Facebook page (with picture of what you made) and receive 5 points

Weekly Points Booster

Achieve one of the Points Boosters and receive 20 extra points for the week!


At least 20 minutes of mobility work outside of the regular scope of warming up for a WOD. This can be stretching, foam rolling, or massage mobility ball work. 5 points for completing this per day.

Challenge Workout Details

The following is the benchmark workout that the Accelerated Health Lifestyle and Nutrition Challenge is using to gauge your overall improvement at the end of the challenge.

Accelerated Health Challenger WOD 1

15/12 Cal Bike
50 Air Squats
40 Ab Mat Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups
15/12 Cal Bike
Initial Workout Dates:
May 21, 2018-May 29, 2018
Final Workout Dates:
June 24, 2018-June 30, 2018


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Challenge Info:

Accelerated Health Lifestyle and Nutrition Challenge

Dates: May 20, 2018 - July 7, 2018

Reg Deadline: May 20, 2018

Participant Standings

Registration: $79.00

Reg Deadline Passed