Primal Health Paleo and Lifestyle Challenge

Primal Health Paleo and Lifestyle Challenge

Challenge Details


Daily Goals


Strict Paleo

All Paleo foods at every meal

Partial Paleo

One meal had one non-Paleo food or ingredient

Minimal Paleo

One entire meal consisted of majority of non Paleo foods

Adequate Water Intake

Sedentary Men - 3.0 L per day Sedentary Women - 2.2 L per day 14-22 ounces of water within 2 hours prior to exercise 5-12 ounces per every 15-20 minutes of exercise 16-24 ounces after exercise Points awarded for at least 4.0 L per day for men & at least 3.2 L per day for women

Adequate Sleep

7-9 Hours of Restful Sleep per night

WEEKLY Self Check

Completing and submitting Weekly Self Check Questionnaire on Google Forms. Only allowed 1 time per week.

Posting a Paleo Recipe w/ Pic

Post a NEW Paleo recipe that you cooked and a photo of what you made for 5 points!

Hitting a PR

Hitting a PR in a workout or lift


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Challenge Info:

Primal Health Paleo and Lifestyle Challenge

Dates: May 12, 2018 - June 23, 2018

Reg Deadline: May 12, 2018

Participant Standings

Registration: $99.00

Reg Deadline Passed